Comapny Profile

Sainagar Ranjani, Tq. Kallam, Dist. Osmanabad. ( M.S.)

CIN : U72214MH1998PLC121048
Sainagar, Ranjani Tal. Kallam Dist. Osmanabad

1. Name of the sugar factory :
Natural Sugar & Allied Industries Limited.
Sainagar Ranjani, Tq. Kallam, Dist.Osmanabad.

2. Installed capacity :
5000 TCD with 23 M.W Co-Generation.
3. l. E. M. No. :
3590/SIA/IMO/2008 Dt. 18/11/2008
4. Company Registration No. :
11-121048, Dt. 24/11/98.
5. Sales Tax Registration No. :
(A) 413 507/C/37, Dt 16/03/2000
(B) 413 507/S/200,Dt. 03/03/2000
27520400272V / 27520400272C
7. Excise Registration No. :

1. Necessity of Natural Sugar In this area:


8. Maharashtra Pollution

Control Board Consent to :             BO/JO(WPC)/ROABAD/EIC No.

operate No.                                       9986-12/0/CAC-415 Dt.27/04/2012.

9. Environmental Clearance No.: No.SEAC-2009/CR24/T.C.2 Date 7th Oct.2010.

10. Plant & Machinery Details: Machinery Suppliers.

a) Mills :

                         36”x78”=5 Mills with TRPF : M/s. S.S. Engineers, Pune,

b) Boilers :

                        i) 30 MT, 45 Kg/cm2 Pressure: M/s. Walchandnagar Industries Ltd., Pune.

                       ii) 40 MT, 45 Kg/cm2 Pressure: M/s. Walchandnagar Industries Ltd., Pune

                      iii) 70 MT, 75 Kg/cm2 Pressure: M/s. Aalborg Ltd. Denmark

c) Boiling House :   M/s. S.S: Engineers, Pune, Sai Siddha Sugar Equipments, Solapur; Crystal Engineers, Shrirampur; Hi-Tech Engineering, Merut (UP); Kay Bouvet Pvt. Ltd. Satara.

d) Turbo Generating Sets:

                     i) 6 MW, Extraction cum Condensing : M/s.Triveni Turbines Ltd. Banglore

                    ii) 10 MW, Back pressure : M/s.Triveni Turbines Ltd. Banglore

                   iii) 13 MW, Extraction cum Condensing : M/s. Siemens Ltd. Vadodara

e) Centrifugal House :    M/s. National Heavy Eng. Co-Op. Ltd., Pune.

                                            M/s. Walchandnagar Ind. Ltd. Walchandnagar

f) Sugar House :              M/s, Ravalgaon Sugar Farm,Ravalgaon Dist. Nasik.

11. Production Performance :


1. Necessity of Natural Sugar In this area:

Natural Sugar & Allied Industries Ltd., is located in a area of abundant raw material i.e. best quality sugar cane. Its operational area is within 50 kms. having 263 villages only. Due to excess cane (high yield sector) there was less demand and lower prices to this cane. Thus, no demand, no price, frustrated the farmers. All these conditions necessitated the strong will for establishment of Natural Sugar. It is located at the 100% perennial area of Manjara Dam, which is 15 kms below the dam location. The area within 30 kms is irrigated by right and left cannals of Manjara Dam, right and left bank river water and Raighavhan medium project. Hence, the availability of best quality cane is assured even in the draught condition also.

Natural Sugar is a public limited Company registered under Indian Company Act. 1956. It is the first sugar plant completed in February 2000 in a shortest span of 9 months and at the lowest cost of Rs. 20.00 crores with the strong financial support from farmer members by contributing 11.00 crores as share capital and Rs.9.00 crores as a term loan from The Vaidvanath Urban Co-Operative Bank Ltd., Parali Vaidyanath with other urban banks in consortium.

2. Within a span of 14 years, Natural Sugar has expanded its activities vertically and horizontally. By year 2012 the Natural Sugar has developed strength in various activities as follows.

a) Sugar Plant :

We have installed 5000 TCD new sugar plant as expansion programe during last 5 years from 2500 TCD. We can crush minimum 8.00 lakhs tons of cane with an average sugar recovery of 11.50%. The annual average sugar production is 9.20 lakhs quintals, valuing to Rs. 350.00 crores of sales turnover.

b) Co-Generation Plant :

13 MW additional power generations in addition to exist 10 MW is installed in 2010. Out of total 23 MW power generations from co-generation plant, 8 MW is used for Sugar Plant, Distillery, Bio-gas, Dairy, Colony & other activities. 9 MW is used for Ferro Alloys Steel Plant for manufacturing of Ferro Steel & balance 6 MW is exported to state grid as surplus power. The total annual production of Co-gen. Plant is 81000 MW for 160 days crushing period and annual turnovers of Co-gen. Plant is expected Rs. 46.50 crores.

c) Ferro Alloys (Steel) Plant :

We have installed two sub merged arc furnaces having capacity of 6 MVA each. The 9 MW power is consumed by both the furnaces for manufacturing of Ferro Manganese and Silico Manganese from Manganese ore. Ferro Manganese and Silico Manganese are the basic raw material for manufacturing of any sort of steel. The daily production capacity of Ferro Alloys (Steel) Plant is 50 to 60 MT per day. The yearly production of Ferro Alloys plant is 10,000 MT and valuing to 50.00 crores of sales turnovers.

d) Distillery Project :

We have installed Distillery project to process the molasses and produce Industrial Alcohol i.e. Rectify Spirit (R.S.), Impure Spirit (I.S.), Extra Neutral Alcohol (E.N.A), and Ethanol. The production capacity of Distillery plant is 60,000 liters per day of rectified spirit and 30,000 ltrs of Ethanol. The annual production is of 90.00 lakhs ltrs and Ethanol is 45.00 lakhs ltrs total to 135.00 lakhs ltrs per year valuing to Rs. 50.00 crores of sales turnovers.

e) Bio-Gas base power plant :

The Distillery effluent namely spent wash is treated in two Bio-Digesters having capacity of 45,000 M3 per day of Bio-Gas generation. The said gas is further purified with H2S separation plant and pure Methane is used for gas base power generation engine of 1.5 MW power generation. The exhaust of gas engine is used as fuel for heat recovery boiler and generated steam is used for Distillery process. At the same time balance purified Bio-gas is used as fuel for 6 MT capacities Boiler for steam generation which is used for Distillery Production. Hence the 100% recycle of Hazards waste of Distillery effluent i.e. spent wash is treated and “Zero” discharge pollution concept is 100% achieved with value addition and a strong profit centre from Hazards waste.

f) Sugar :

We have installed most modern sugar refinery plant of 250 Tons capacity per day for manufacturing of Refine Sugar of 45 ICUMSA, which is sulphur free and 100% pure sugar as per the International Standard.

g) Bio-Compost Plant :

The press-mud, bi-product of sugar plant is treated with outflow of Bio-Digester i.e. treated spent wash with additions of micro nutrients and bio culture to enrich the press-mud and converted into high quality bio-compost at the Bio-Compost Plant. The average annual production is 25,000 MTs valuing to Rs. 1.25 crores of its sales turnover.

h) Dairy - Milk Processing Project :

To have a ancillary activities of milk production to the farmers, we have recently installed most modern and fully automatic Dairy Plant of 25,000 ltr capacity per day. The annual production of milk and milk products will be of 75.00 lakhs ltrs valuing to Rs. 25.00 crores of sales turnover.

i) Software:

We have started full-fledged software division mainly for development of various types of modules for sugar and bio-products industry. The software developed by our division is well proved and accepted by many sugar factories in Maharashtra.

3. With above activities in various fields following are our special achievements in sugar Industry for projection of environment and natural resources.

Environmental protection:

To control water pollution of sugar plant, we have installed diffused aeration and bio-digester of advanced system technology and well supported to achieve the required the norms of the MPC Board. The treated water is used exclusively for agriculture purpose. MDH fly ash arrestor for boiler chimney, which has 100% efficiency for arresting the fly ash, prevents the air pollution. The collected ash is used to increase the porosity of Press-mud instead of Bagasse, which is resulted in saving of bagasse and value added waste as compost to the farmers.

a) Water Conservation:

As the Maharashtra state is passing through a vicious cycle of water scarcity, Natural Sugar has decided to use the water available in sugar cane itself and succeeded since last 5 years to run the sugar plant with water available in sugar cane without availing water from outside sources by recycling and prohibiting miss-use of water with well planned close circuit. This reduces the effluent generation big way.

b) ISO-9001-2008:

Our's is a ISO 9001-2008 Company by the Quality Assurance Services of Australia. The ISO 9001 -2008 norms are strictly observed and implemented in day-to-day working of the Company. The implementation of ISO 9001-2008 has drastically improved the performance, the quality and efficiency of the Company.

4. Socio Economic Development of Area :

With set-up of Natural Sugar, the Socio Economic Development of Kallam Taluka, which is industrially backward region of Marathwada, has started with galloping speed.

a. Approach Roads :

We have undertaken new approach roads and all villages are connected with main state high way of Kallam to Latur.

b. Telephone Exchange :

Telephone exchange of 500 capacities is already setup at the factory site with total connectivity with all villages in area by department of telephone, Government of India.

c. Sakhar Shala (Seasonal School ) :

Neglected aspects of poor labour’s children’s education is considered on priority and have started Sakhar Shala for them from December 2001.

d. Medical Aid :

Free medical aid is provided to all the workers with their family members from dispensary at the factory site.

e. Housing with Free Light and Water :

We have provided 150 well constructed houses to the officers & employees with pure drinking water, electricity at free of cost.

f. Best Worker Award :

The best worker award in every year and also provides various incentives for the sincere and regular employees.

g. Natural Parent Pension Yojana :

The unique scheme of giving a pension to parents of employee is voluntarily implemented. With this scheme, we are deducting 10% of gross salary of all employees under this scheme and paying directly to their parents monthly, which helps old aged parents to have their own money for survival.

h. Shri Sai Gramin Bigar Sheti Sahakari Patsanstha :-

A financial facility with 22.90 crores of deposits and 12.88 crores of loans to the farmers and employees is extended by Pathsantha i.e. credit co-operative society established in 2003.

i. N.SAI Multi State Co-operative Credit Society Ltd. :-

A financial facility with 25.31 crores of deposits and 10.18 crores of loans to the farmers and employees. The NSAI Multistate co-operative credit society established in 2012.

j. Natural Bazar Consumer Stores Ltd,

To provide best quality of daily needs from pin to Plano, we have started Departmental Stores within the Company’s premises so as to facilitate the Employees, Farmers & residents within the vicinity.

k. Natural English School & Sai College of Computer Education.

To provide best quality education we have started English Medium School from LKG to 6th Class at present & having permission for expansion of classes till 10th standard.

To provide Computer & Technical education we have started Sai College of Computer Education for BCA & BCS. In the 1st year of start itself one of the Students has topped the university Exam in BCA & she is maintaining the same tract record by topping in Second year exam also.

l. N SAI Rural Hospital.

Most important aspect of social corporate responsibility of Natural Sugar is establishing extension of health services to the poor and common man in rural area through N SAI Rural Hospital, which is established in May 2013 with main thrust on woman & child health & welfare as prime object.

m. “Natural Jalsandharan Yojana”.

To overcome the cyclic rotation of draught, we have decided to implement the water and soil conservation schemes from our own resources. Accordingly we have provided Rs.2.5 crores out of our profit for the said scheme and every year we are completing at least 10 to 15 villages under the scheme and have a programme of complete eradication of draught from of our area of 50 villages within next 5 years.

The main schemes are Contour percolations Canal at foot level of hilly areas and Nala deepening and widening. With this both schemes excess rain water flowing out of farm will be collected, stored and will be percolated underground and will be stored underground, which enrich heavily the underground water level permanently and utilized for drinking as well as irrigation purposes by the villagers. This is the only ultimate source to eradicate permanently the draught from Maharashtra. This is the de-centralized, most, cost effective and high result oriented scheme to be adopted and implemented by Government of Maharashtra as well as Government of India on top priority as a permanent measure to overcome the draught.

  1. Awards for Company & its Chairman & Managing Director:

Various national and international organization have taken note of the extra ordinary working of our Company and our Chairman & Managing Director have been awarded following awards fore excellence in performance, achievements in sugar industry and social work.


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