Absolute Alcohol (Ethanol)

The Rectified Spirit and Technical Alcohol is raw material of Absolute Alcohol (Ethanol) product, purity of same product i.e. 99.7% and above and we sale Absolute Alcohol (Ethanol) for Blending in petrol and diesel to Oil Manufacturer Companies like BPCL, HPCL and IOCL, we call it Ethanol as a short form to the said product.

Sr.no Characteristics Test value of Ethanol Sample
1 Ethanol content % by volume at 15.6°C/15.6°C Max min 99.9
2 Miscibility with water Miscible
3 Alkalinity NIL
4 Acidity (as CH3COOH), mg/liter. Max. 4.2
5 Residue on evaporation % by mass, Max. 0.00151
6 Aldehyde contents (as CH3CHO) mg/LMax 88
7 Copper, mg/kg max. 0.060
8 Conductivity, us/m, Max. 46
9 Methyl Alcohol, mg/liter, Max. 23.83
10 Appearance Clear and bright and free from suspended matter.